The Bestselling E-book

Do you think you need thousands of followers and millions of views before you start making money on YouTube?


You don’t.
 And I am living proof.


 I had less than 4000 subscribers when the checks started rolling in every month.


My e-book HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON YOUTUBE: Get more views, Get more subscribers and GET PAID

is a first hand account of

how I established a regular, part time income on YouTube in 6 months.

In the video below, I will show you the actual paychecks.

PS: This video has over 3 million views

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I now make over $2000 a month on YouTube ads alone. 

Click here to watch the video showing THAT paycheck.

What you will get in this 96 page instruction book:


– Detailed teachings on how to get YouTube to promote your videos for you (very sneaky!)


– The specific things you need to do to get your videos seen and start building traffic


– How the YouTube payment system works


– How to be one of the top earners on YouTube like me (hint: everyone is paid a different amount!)


– How to monetize your videos for maximum payout


– How YouTube ads work and why some pay more than others


– Ways to use the equipment you likely already have at home to make great looking videos


– How to look good and speak well on camera
– and much much more!

It also includes personal stories of the mistakes that I made when I first signed up, such as the BIGGEST MISTAKE most beginner YouTubers make that

lost me  thousands of dollars

in ad revenue.


Sigh. It pained me to write this. But, ok….. so maybe you don’t want to start small. Here are some heavy hitting ways to get lots of views fast (warning: not for the faint of heart..) In this YouTube CHEATS bonus booklet, I’ll teach you how to play dirty. Hopefully, you only want to know for curiosity’s sake. Remember to only use your powers for good!

I’ll add this in for free as a thankyou bonus to you!




The book more than pays for itself within 4 months if you follow the formula!

I used to have to work at the mall  full time for 2 weeks to earn what I now make on YouTube for talking about what I love and putting in less than 10 hours of work a month.
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Who is this is for?

Beginner and Intermediate YouTubers


Anyone who wants to learn the ropes of YouTube in a fun way without sifting through HOURS of  boring cut and pasted textbook material to find the truth (I did it for you and learned firsthand!). I teach you EXACTLY what you need to know, not pages of filler.
Anyone who is ready to stop messing around and start getting Google checks! Think about it: as a YouTuber, your earnings are UNLIMITED.


Anyone looking to promote themselves online, provide value, build an email list, get more clients and sell MORE!


PLEASE NOTE. This program is NOT for you if:

1) You’re looking to “get rich quick”
I offer a tried and true plan to start building yourself a sustainable part time income online that will grow to a full time income over time, with effort. It took me four months to get a paycheck, but I had no idea what I was doing at the time! With this guidance, hopefully you’ll get yours even faster but in this field there are no guarantees.

2) You aren’t passionate about anything
If there is nothing that lights you up inside, what do you have to share? There is a place for everyone on youtube and a niche for everything! So whether it’s celebrity gossip that makes you tick, antiques, history, sharing your life stories, making a funny face on camera every day for a year, singing well, dancing badly or teaching anything that makes you giggle with glee, that will work!

3) You have a thin skin or are easily discouraged
The youtube journey is a rollercoaster ride. One week, you could have a max 14 views on your videos and the next you could have thousands and watch your paycheck skyrocket! The opposite could also happen, through no fault of your own and there’s nothing you can do about it. Both have happened to me. However, once you get going, have a subscriber base and post quality videos regularly, your paychecks are usually somewhat predictable, growing every month. Until then, you have to both not let success get to your head and not feel all hope is lost if things take a downward turn for a while.

4) You don’t have basic computer skills or you don’t read and understand English well
You need to understand the basic concepts of say, right clicking, windows, click and drag. And you should be able to read, write and understand English to at least a middle school level. The book tells you what to do but you need to be able to follow basic instructions on Youtube yourself and conduct internet searches if you need further  technical clarification.

5) You are in financial difficulty and feel you cannot afford it at this time.
Please do not buy this book if you can not afford it at this time. You’re just not ready to go deep and take the extra step. In the meantime, you can benefit greatly from my many free videos.

7) You are not willing to make mistakes
The most successful YouTube channels show videos that get better in quality over time. Can you accept that you might fumble a bit, not have perfect lighting, forget a point or two in your first uploads? You need to have the courage to press the ‘publish’ button on something that might not be absolutely perfect. It will NEVER be perfect. You will NEVER feel ready. Never! Trust me! If you are considering that you would like to make YouTube videos, you are ready NOW. Not once you get your hair cut, or a thousand more twitter followers or finish reading whatever book. Now.

If any one of these points applies to you, PLEASE do not buy my program! I want you to be as successful as possible, not frustrated and failing or lost.

Now, you should know, there are free resources out there.

I would invite and encourage you to check them out!

I have scoured all the free information only to discover them to be lacking in what I really wanted to know. A perfect example of this is the two and a half minute video YouTube recently created called, How do I make money on YouTube? Check it out  here:

Like most of the information out there, it is really vague and well, kind of unhelpful. Here is essentially all that it tells you:

1) If you have a passion about something you can make videos and make money off of them when you upload! But it’s actually not that simple!

2) The YouTube ecosystem involves: the views, the creators, the advertisers and YouTube itself!

3) Oh sorry, there is no third point. That’s all folks! Well… are you rollin’ in dough yet?? Do you see what I mean? I tried to get as much info as I could back when I started but the truth was that I had to learn the hard way.

With my program, you don’t have to!

There are a lot of “textbook answers” out there on how to do well on YouTube. In my experience, these are canned answers that you will find over and over again.

What I’ve got here are insider secrets, personal anecdotes, sneaky tips- the things no one else wants to talk about, along with the practical advice.