All by Myself Airport Version

Viral Video: Man creates All by Myself Celine Dion music video in Las Vegas Airport

A man named Richard Dunn filmed this after having to spend the night in a Las Vegas airport to catch a flight. First, he deserves props for that. I hate normally crowded spaces after dark. They have such an apocalyptic feel that has me holding my breath around every corner. Creepy.

The video was originally uploaded to Vimeo, which makes sense because I’m pretty sure YouTUbe would have busted him for copyright infringement on the Celine Dion hit, “All by myself”. Which I know from childhood btw. Word. for. Word.

Anyway.. I sort of don’t get it. There was one dramatic scene that earned a sincere lol from me and I was impressed by the scenes he filmed by taping his iPhone to a wheelchair and having it pan past on a moving walkway.

Regardless, it’s good to see creativity get applauded. Congrats Richard.

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