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Trisha Paytas’ new film ‘Viral Video’

I know we might seem like very different people but I am someone who is actually very inspired by Trisha Paytas. She created a universe that caters to everything that she wanted out of life and she used YouTube to do it.


Her main channel currently boasts over 1.1 million subscribers and more than¬†243 million views. And I have been with her since the beginning, back when she was broke and alone and I was bored and lonely cruising the web. She’s managed to turn herself into a money making YouTube entertainment brand by making videos talking only about things she is interested in, some of which are incredibly (purposefully) trolly.

She also now has her own jewelry line, perfume, iphone cases and tshirts, she writes books (I loved her video where she unboxes the finished product), and is now bringing her Hollywood dreams to life by producing her very own horror film with herself as the star (check it out below).

The trailer is intriguing! Kitschy and dramatic, it seems like the kind of movie any young woman with stars in her eyes and a passion for horror might make given the chance. I’m looking forward to watching and reviewing the movie when it comes out!

I love this idea and can definitely see myself making a short film in the future. And that’s the thing with YouTube, you never know who is watching.

This is one hardworking girl who did it all on her own despite everything she has been through. Thanks for the inspiration Trisha!

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